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Elwira Magdziak



An Attorney-at-Law. A Member of the Warsaw Bar Association since 2007.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

She has gained experience since 2003 cooperating with  law firms and within the framework of an individual practice at her own law firm since  2011. 

She specializes in the service of  business entities implementing construction investments. She advices in the scope of negotiating, concluding and implementing contracts on performing construction works on a permanent basis. She handles a comprehensive legal service of enterprises including the preparation of transactions of purchasing and selling real estate properties,  the analysis of their legal status, and negotiating agreements.

Moreover, she has been connected with cultural institutions for many years in the scope of  their current activity  including the one subject to the regimes of public  finances and public procurements. She advises on complicated cultural projects that also require professional knowledge successfully.

Apart from a continuous legal service of the functioning of cultural institutions, she deals with intellectual property law in the scope of film productions as well as with advising on regulating the legal statuses of museum collections. The experience and practice gained with the institutional clients also helps with rendering legal aid to individual artists and creators.

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