The Policy of Cookie Files 


Cookies are text files, IT data stored on users’ devices, designated for using Internet websites. They allow for  the identification of the kind of a user’s device and displaying Internet websites adjusted to individual preferences. Cookie files include an Internet website address, the time of storing on a user’s devices, and their own unique identifier.


Cookie files are stored on users’ computers in order to adjust the contents of a website to the preferences and needs of a user, in particular,  taking into account the kind of device with which a user uses a  website.

A user of an Internet website using cookies can control recording them on his/her devices and delete them from these devices making use of settings of the Internet browser that he/she uses. We request for making oneself familiar with the information provided by the entity offering a given Internet browser in order to get to know the terms and conditions of installing and storing cookies on the devices of Internet websites’ users and deleting them.