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Supporting entities wishing to conduct business activity in Poland in the implementation of their investment intentions constitutes an important scope of our Law Firm's services. The lawyers of the Law Firm have been supporting investors for many years beginning with the stage of presenting a business concept through its implementation and attaining intentions, ensuring the legal security of business steps undertaken. Most of all, the scope of our specialization in this field includes:

  1. preparing the analysis and report of due diligence preceding planned investment intentions and the indication of the formal and legal risk of a planned investment, and  the selection of the optimal business model or the form of conducting  business activity;

  2. establishing special purpose vehicles and purchasing  shares, stocks or other rights in companies;

  3. purchasing rights to real estate properties, the service of construction investments and the commercialization of real estate properties;

  4. purchasing or selling enterprises, their organized parts or the particular assets of enterprises,

  5. drawing up and negotiating  investment agreements and consortium agreements;

  6. legal service in the scope of financing  transactions including negotiating financial documents and  agreements with institutions granting loans and credits.

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