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Podpisanie umowy


The Law Firm’s lawyers possess over ten years of experience in advising on public procurement law. We advise contracting parties and contractors on the preparation and implementation of public procurement law procedures. We check and advise contractors on drawing up and preparing offers. We conduct the whole procedures of awarding public procurements by procuring parties comprehensively. We succeed in representing our Clients both before the National Appeals Chamber  and regional courts in the scope of  requested legal remedies.


Within the framework of advising in proceedings of awarding public procurements, we offer: 

  1. preparing draft regulations and implementing procedures in the scope of awarding public procurements by procuring parties;

  2. the preparation of documentation and conducting public procurement procedures of awarding public procurements;

  3. the verification and advising on the preparation of offers by contractors in public procurements;

  4. requesting legal remedies on behalf of contractors;

  5. representation of procuring parties and contractors in proceedings before the National Appeals Chamber at the Public Procurement Office.

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