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Our Law Firm’s lawyers possess many years of experience in the legal service of condominiums and  real estate property managers. The practical knowledge of issues and problems related to the functioning of these entities allows us to be a real and reliable support both for condominium boards and for their administrators. Our help includes:

1) issues related to taking over condominium management and board organization;

2) the preparation or verification of a condominium’s organizational documents including the articles of association, regulations, and resolutions;

3) conducting or legal support at the meetings of condominiums;   

4) the preparation of legal opinions and granting ongoing legal advice to a condominium  management or its administrator;

5) pursuing claims within a warranty or guarantee for the defects of common real estate property or the improper performance of contracts;

6) preparing or assessing agreements related to the day-to-day functioning of a condominium including agreements of mandate, agreements for a specific task,  on design work, on construction works, on the lease of common areas;

7) debt collection from condominium members or other debtors at pre-litigation, court, and bailiff stages;

8) the regulation of the legal status of common real estate property including conducting proceedings for usucaption, establishing land easements or separating a part of common area of real estate property as well as land and mortgage register proceedings;

9) the representation of a condominium in all and any court proceedings including the cases of compensation, remuneration for non-contractual use, for ordering the forced sale of premises, for annulment or the establishment of the invalidity of a condominium resolution;

10) representing a condominium in administrative proceedings;

11) representing a condominium in disputes with the owners or users of neighbouring properties.

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