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Concluding agreements/business contracts constitutes a key element of each business activity; hence, the subject of agreements constitutes the scope of day-to-day practice of our Law Firm’s lawyers, and the  protection of Clients’ contractual interests is the subject of special attention. As it is been known for a long time that contractual provisions are created for the time of war and not the time of peace, an agreement that is well written can protect a Client from a dispute with a contractor and the problems that may arise in the course of implementing it including guaranteeing the efficient pursuit of claims. It is possible to list the following within the framework of actions undertaken by our Law Firm in this area:


  1. creating all and any contracts and agreements functioning in the domestic and transboundary  trade between entrepreneurs  (B2B) and between  entrepreneurs  and consumers (B2C);

  2. drawing up agreement templates, agreement general terms and conditions (OWU), and regulations;

  3. securing the confidentiality of  business negotiations with a relevant agreement;

  4. recommending the right kind of agreement that is optimal for a given model of business  cooperation and the legal mechanisms of securing  a Client’s interests;

  5. participation in negotiating an agreement and taking care of the legal safety of a Client; 

  6. assessing the provisions of agreements in terms of securing a Client’s interests fully; 

  7. drawing up legal opinions in the scope of the issues of contractual liability of a Client and the possibility of terminating an agreement;

  8. enforcing the performance of the provisions of an agreement by a contractor both  amicably and in the course of  mediations or court proceedings. 

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